Sideview System

Achieve instant awareness of IT infrastructure problems, so downtime doesn't adversely affect your business. Sideview is configured to monitor critical IT infrastructure components, including system metrics, network protocols, applications, services, servers, and network infrastructure.

  • Monitor your entire IT-Infrastructure
  • Know immediately when problems occur
  • Plan and Reduce Downtimes
  • Send Alerts if a component fails

Product Sheet

While an intrusion detection system monitors a network for threats from the outside, a network monitoring system monitors the network for problems caused by overloaded and/or crashed servers, network connections or other devices. For example, to determine the status of a webserver, monitoring software may periodically send an HTTP request to fetch a page. For email servers, a test message might be sent through SMTP and retrieved by IMAP or POP3.

Network Patroller

NP36 Network Patroller

The NP36 Network Patroller is a breakthrough device. NP36, designed by Pakedge, to facilitate the BakPak Cloud Management Service. NP36 allow integrators to view, manage, and maintain the network functionality of fully integrated A/V networks from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, NP36 specifically designed for network integrators, who are looking for an all-in-one management solution for the integrated network systems of multiple end-users. NP36 visual display is sleek and rack-mountable A/V aesthetic. The NP36 is the ideal way to save on support, maintenance, and all-around headache while viewing, managing, and servicing networks from the comfort of an office or mobile device.

  • Anywhere Accessable
  • Notifications
  • Easy Setup

Product Brochure