Reliable Network Design

The Office Network consists off of the equipment and services used to conduct daily business. Therefore are systems required with a minimum of downtimes and fast interconnections. Despite this the Systems should be easily manageable, maintainable, cost effective and extendable. Radio Koch Marine Elektronik also provides the IT network infrastructure that the other systems are running on. This solution consists of a server platform, a backup system, tools for system management and a wired and wireless network.

Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches are enterprise-class, stackable access switches that provide the foundation for full wired and wireless convergence on a single platform.

  • Up to 40 Gb of wireless capacity per switch (48-port models)
  • Optional Cisco StackWise-160 technology
  • Cisco IOS XE Software support for IPv4 and IPv6 routing
With Cisco immersive systems, you can walk into a dedicated telepresence conference room and conduct meetings with colleagues across the globe as if everyone were in the same location. With true-to-life quality and exacting details to enhance in-person collaboration, you won't miss visual nuances.
Cisco wireless controllers reduce operational expenses by simplifying network deployment, operations, and management. Configure wireless policy, management, or security settings at any time through centralized provisioning and management. Respond to organizational growth with the Cisco scale-as-it-grows licensing model, available with all Cisco wireless controllers.

Virtual Server Setups and automated Backups

Todays requirements for improved efficiency with fewer servers and faster server deployment are benefits for virtual server environments. In addition virtualization is saving costs and reduces IT budgets. In many cases virtual servers run at up to 80 percent utilization versos non virtualized servers which often run between 10 - 15 percent.